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I’m such a loser…

Mon, Oct 27, 2008


To begin with, I hate losing.

Ada 2 makna dari “losing” dan gue benci dua duanya.

“Kehilangan” dan “Kalah”


I hate losing.


Im such a loser because recently I havent won anything.


I miss playing baskeball badly.


In basketball I developed a skill called decision making.

After making the right move, it comes down to making the right decision.

Should I wait, or go through, or pass, or pull up a jumper, or drive to the hoop.


Im poor at my decision making nowadays.


I’ve been making poor decisions since July.


In Basketball I make decisions and do it with such poise.

I love making “on the fly” decisions.

I love the rush of it.


In Basketball I also feel the adrenalin rush.

The rush that builds confidence.


I use to bang my chest with my fist everytime I want to pump myself up.

Everytime someone crossed me up and made a fool of myself, everytime someone blocked my shot, everytime I failed holding my defense, I grinned.


I smiled and look back at him saying “I’ll get you next time”


Even when I was losing I had a winner mentality.


My team could be down for 10 points or 20 points even.


Always had that thought in my mind “It aint over yet. The game aint over yet”


I use to be a winner.


Now, im such a loser.


I cant even motivate myself in doing what I should be doing.


Today, im so caught up in my mistakes.

Thinking what would happen if I had done it differently.


I lost my heart.

The heart of a champion.




You see, life is a little like a basketball game.


A goodlife, is a collection of good decisions.


A goodgame, a game that you won, is a result of the collections of good decisions.




I just hate losing.

Ada 2 makna dari “losing” dan gue benci dua duanya.

“Kehilangan” dan “Kalah”


I hate losing.


Every basketball player, just like everyone in life is really going for 1 single goal.


A Good Game

A Good Life

A Happy Ending.

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