Kalau perempuan nggak ngaku, mereka BOHONG

Ketika berhubungan sex, perempuan, sebenarnya suka kalau kita a lil bit over the top.

Just a lil bit.

Jangan kebanyakan.

Mereka suka kalau kita menunjukkan kelakuan kelakuan yg nakal.

Yang bergairah.

Itu, membuat mereka merasa cantik, bahkan membuat mereka merasa sexy.

And above all, women love to feel beautiful and especially to feel sexy.

Its not an everyday privilege for some women.

Perhaps most women.

So go ahead, go juuuust a lil bit over the top.

She’ll love it.

She will think you cant get your hands of her.

She will think YOU think that she’s gorgeous and sexy.

The next time you go to bed with someone, spank her.

Juuust a lil bit


She’ll love it

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