I think music was meant to be performed live.
Sometimes i even think, i made albums to get an excuse to rap on stage 😛

I think live musical stage is an event to connect. Musician and those who love his/her/their music.

Its magical.

Gue sejak dulu memgang prinsip LOVE IT LIVE.
Nonton basket, nonton bola, nonton konser, semuanya akan keren dan terasa geregetnya kalau live.

Pengalaman nonton bola terkeren gue bisa dibaca disini
dan pengalaman nonton konser terkeren gue bisa elo baca disini

Nah, sekarang, cerita dong pengalaman LOVE IT LIVE kalian
Pengalaman nonton live apa yang sangat berkesan? 🙂
Komen yaa:)

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