Seasonal Partnerships…

At times, people come and go.

What can you do to prevent it?


What can you do for it?

Not sure

What can you do about it?

In life there are people passing by

Some had smiles along the way

Some displays hatred and anger

Some even fear

The time you spent with them is the one you cant have

The echo of their existence in your life is immortal

It stays forever like the Stonehenge

Why do we fear goodbyes?

Why people regret that?

Cant they see that it is part of a huge phenomena fitted into 1 small word


Why cant people accept someone elses departure.

Is it because they’ll miss it?

Isnt it overrated?

Sooner or Later they’d get over it anyway.

It’s only a matter of time.


Once you think of it, you’d realize that you’ll spent ur energy on useless things

Why cant people accept someone elses departure.

Is it because of theyre worry of the abscence?

The abscence may lead to a hole.

again, Isnt it overrated?

We have no other choice and no other thing to do.

Sad or Not

We have to figure out a solution

Only that if we’re emotionally stable, Then we can find a solution

We’ll do it with clear thoughts

Smarter solutions Pops Up

Why cant people accept someone elses departure.

Is it because they’ll never gonna see em again?

And again, Isnt it overrated?

Its not like they’re DEAD or anything…

At times, people come and go.

What can you do to prevent it?


What can you do for it?

Not sure

What can you do about it?

Deal with it

It happened and still gonna happen again in the future

There’s nothing you can do about it

Smile about it

Breathe easy

its only something that’s often called in the office life as

Seasonal Partnerships


Rebel Without a Cause…

… is a title from a Movie featured James Dean.

Everybody has a Rebel within.

Heck, we even need to be Rebellious from time to time.

Rebel is very human. Rebel is necesseties.

Imagine how many people are there in the world

How many Nations

How many Governments

Imagine how many Culture

How many habits

How many social life

Imagine how many Rules

How Many Regulations

How Many Law

Law and Regulations are made for a sole purpose.

To push forward the needs of others.

To put the People ahead of all individuals

Now Imagine you. Alone standing in this world

Full of other people

and Full of Laws and Regulations

It’s stressfull

Because Forever we are forced to put other people needs ahead of us

Forever we have to think that others are more important than us

Forever we will think less of ourselves

That is why, there are times when we should put ourselves ahead of others

Have care for ourselves

Think of ourselves then think about the rest

Find out what we need for ourselves


Even though in order to do so, we have to break rules

Break culture

be Rebellious

Details more to come …

God !!!

God My Right Back HUrts Like HELL!!

For reasons i dont know for sure

Nothing i did helps!

Anyway, just posting journal.

I got a new mc contract. For the 1st time i’d be doing an MC job for a Jazz Event


Sounds Cool huh? Though it doesnt pay much but the Side deal i have and the 1st chance to work at Hyatt is quite profitable…

Thanks to this job, I Finally have a surprise for Mila on our 1st ever Anniversary

I cant wait


Beautiful Pictures to Take Home…

On this Romantic Drama Movie called “Meet Joe Black” there’s a good quote. It says,

“Life is like a vacation. You go there, have fun, and hope that you have some Beautiful Pictures for you to take home. But you cant live there forever. At times, you have to come home”

or, sumthin’ like that…

I ask my self what do i want to see in those pictures…

What is my definiton of Beautiful Pictures

What is it in life that i seek

That when i reached them i could say

“i dont want anything else” (this is also a quote from “Meet Joe Black” said by Anthony Hopkins.

I want

I want, to see myself 70 yrs old. Living in a place, not Indonesia.

By then, the country would be too small for me and myoversized ego.

Maybe New York

A huge huge city that always has something new to know about.

Always something new to tell

A huge city with huge population

A huge city with huge stories

Huge Numbers of Culture

I wanna be seen by people at this certain coffee shop i always go to.

sitting at my favourite place

Always there at my favourite hour

I wanna be seen walkin every morning walkin my dog, grabbin’ my favourite newspaper and an edition of Newsweek, Fortune or maybe Business Week and still hoping to see my Company inside em 🙂

I wanna have my own favourite Chineese Food

Wanna go to the same place to shop groceries

I wanna still e mail my son whose running my business now in Bandung and the rest of Indonesia

Business is great, getting all accross the country. It became one of the leading local sport clothing.

I wanna still call my daughter, my bright and lovely daughter. I trust her in whatever she does. Her intellegence reminds me of her mother. I can place my eyes somewhere else and not having doubts

I wanna go home to my small house where my wife awaits.

She’ll always has something to talk about

We’d never be bored

Sometimes she cooks, sometimes she asks me to go out and Dine in somewhere new

She’ll always find a new place to dine.

New York will never run out of place to go out to

Place to Dine in

I’d still contact my friends

and tell them whenever they ask where i am with the same answer

“Well you know, im still here, New York City”


The Need to be Alone and to Stay that way…

I bet it’s great to be Adam.

He wonders alone, needs not to talk to people.

and fake sayings in order to maintain others feeling.

Coz sometimes we say things we didnt mean to.

Suddenly mistakes are taken seriously buy people.

Even if he needs to talk, he’d talk to the sky, leaves, himself and maybe to God

I bet his closeness to God is unmatched by anybody.

He didnt have divergens like Friendster, TV’s, Box Office Movies, Worldwide Franchisers, woman, women, more women, Ragnarok, Rock N Roll, etc.

Its only him and God.

I bet it’s great to be Adam.

He can be alone and not having worries about others who are offended by his solitude

He can be alone and not getting the word “Introvert”

He doesnt lie, doesnt fake, for it has no needs

The Need to be alone is neglected by people

Nowadays, there are no Privacy

Mankind doesnt want privacy!

Imagine that

They open all access towards them

Some might think im one of those kind

That’s why at times i need to be alone they wondered why…

I like being alone. I like to have this page all by myself

I’ve been displaying all the skeletons in my closet there are times i need to have secrets

If you’re reading this.

Youre not wanted.

I bet it’s great for Adam to have Eve.

He has the Whole World to share

Split in 2

No more

They can spill conversations from dawn, morning, noon, afternoon, midnight, dusk, dawn…

They dont have to hide feelings and fake only to make other people feel good

So they wont be pissed off from Adam and Eve’s Public Display of Affection

Of course it wouldnt be public anymore since there are only Adam and Eve.

No need for time

Time’s pressence is formality


“You’re an Ocean”

You’re an Ocean is a song from Fastball.

I think it’s right for me to start this blog by using it

This day turns out to be an Ocean for me…

Lotsa Ups and Downs, i was bored then i rushed adrenalines

Was sick and got healthy

My day was rushin’ as if it’s chasin’ sumthin’

Sitting at the Operators Booth sweating and under pressure

i waited Guystalk Live Broadcast from STARBUCKS.

Only im not there, im here, Inhouse Producer while Ikyu is our Starbucks Producer

So far so good

Yuki and Wisnu raises great funny chemistry.

I think we’re okay…

The best part of this Live Broadcast Show is

Starbucks and HardRockFM bdg Brewed together

Hope for a long good realtionship

Why Lie?

Why do people lie?

These days i have experienced in accepting lies

it is in my nature not to confront with lies

I usually do

I rarely front em and say like “Ur lying arent ya?”

or sumthing like “Wait a sec, somethings wrong… you must be lying”

Sumthing inside restricts me of doing such action

Truth is, i dont have the heart to make em feel embarassed

Still, why do they lie?

to answer such question maybe i hafta reflect on me

Why do i lie occasionally?

sometimes im embarassed

sometimes uncomfortable

sometimes fear

sometimes insecure

sometimes protective, self defense mechanisme

or maybe…

“Repressing feeling is a must have. It differs us from Sane to Insane.”

We have to lie, otherwise we’d be like scratching a scar

We have to lie, otherwise we’d be out of control, letting loose the dark megativity inside

We have to lie, in order to keep sanity intact

“Repressing feeling is a must have. It differs us from Sane to Insane.”

i cant run away from this quote

im losing it am i?

what on earth is wrong with me?

I am losing my ability to fake.

It use to be one of my usefull skills

… (???)

But now i lost it.

I thinks that is a bad thing

People might think im rude when im just being myself

Its true only Gamila knows me that well

I am tremendously dosed out yet i need companion…

I need to be with people, but i cant fake the fact that i am tired…


“Repressing feeling is a must have. It differs us from Sane to Insane.”

That quote is haunting me again..