Last night, i spent S$ 191.00 to get my soul back.

Untuk elo, pembaca blog-ku yang setia, gue berdiri PALING DEPAN di konser KANYE WEST GLOW IN THE DARK TOUR.

It wasnt a concert. It was an eye opener.

I lost my soul in the midst of life.

Something-someone, stole apart of my life away.

Since then, life was never attractive.

I bought it back last night.

I threw my diamonds in the sky.

I rapped word by word for every lyrics.

I absorbed the message.

I was overwhelmed.

I got out a different person.

Dondi’s FB status described it best, and here’s my revised version for my own condition…

“I realized that i am a champion in their eyes”


Details comin up guys.

Be back soon.

This man saved hiphop.