Are you attractive?

Something about smart women attracts me.

You see, when someone asks you what type of women do you usually fall for (considering you are a man of course)

“Beautiful women” is obviously a stupid answer.

Of course every women on Earth is working her way to be beautiful.

We are living in a world where being beautfiful is an essential must for women.

But for me, brilliance always strike me.

Im instantly turned on for smart women.

Look smart at the least 🙂

They are attractive because they’re confident.

They are attractive because they actually dont need men most of the time.

So its an atrraction for me to prove them wrong 🙂

They are attractive because they will say attractive things.

They are attractive because they have achievements. Something that has always been attractive for me personally.

They are attractive because most smart women dress attractively different.

They are attractive because they are advance in their life and bored with the obvious which makes them lead an attractive life.

To top everything else, like the cherry on ur ice cream, i am ONLY attracted in Indonesian women.

I like the skin tones, i like the attitude (i’ve met enuff to know that i adore Indonesian women), dan, gue suka menggunakan bahasa Indonesia untuk bermesraan 🙂

Now there’s a good news, and a bad news.

Good news is, my wife fits the profile. Indonesian, brilliant and attractive

Bad news is, apparently, she’s not the only one 🙂