a lovely conversation :)

Earlier this morning, when he found out im not joining his mommy taking him to school, Dipo cried “But why Ayah? Family should stick together!”

As the car left i felt something deep inside, a 5 year old boy reminded me one of family’s truest value. Staying together no matter what. Of course this morning wasnt the case but on a larger perspective, my son was right.

His words stuck with me all day long. When i finally got back, he got up from his bed asking with a heavenly voice “what took you so long?”

I hugged him and carried him up.

Smiling, he said “have you done your homework?”

“i dont have a homework anymore” i replied

He smiled and his eyes got bigger
“You didnt go to school no more, did you?

“No, coz im all grown up, i finished school. Im a big boy now” i said

“you mean, big kid”

“sorry” i replied “big kid”

I then put him back to his bed and as he tucked himself in, he said

“i wish i can be a big kid too. I dont go to school, i go to work, and i vote. I like voting you know”

I was stunned, he did accompany me when i went to vote for the DKI governor, but still i felt like i hafta ask “You like voting? Why?”

“I just do” he said..

I smiled. Still stunned. I kissed him and we did our routine..

“i love you Dipo”
“i love you too Ayah”
“you’re my best friend”
“you’re my best friend too Ayah”
“forever too Ayah”

I kissed him again and said
“Family should stick together, right Po?”

He nodded his head, smiling, his eyes bright like Orion glows before he closed his eyes and went to sleep.

What a lovely conversation 🙂

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