An obsession in creation.

I’m changing.

My whole life actually, all I do is change

But now its different.

I’m on the driving seat.

I choose my directions.

I’m no longer the passenger of my own life

I choose to travel and I travel wild.

I choose to go places I’ve always dreamed of

I choose of taking routes that are unknown to some

I choose so, because I want to.


I just want to tell more stories.

I love telling stories

I’m a story teller

I’m a story teller in a lot of forms and formats

That’s what I like to do

That’s not my passion, story telling is just who I am.

Its been a while since I do this

Recently I blog when somethings bothering me

Or when I feel like I have to say something in order to exlplain things.

Its been a while since I blog about basically what I have in my while I write.

Sometimes I think using english language

Don’t ask me why

Don’t say that I am less a nationalist or less patriotic

Don’t say I love this country less than you only because I think in english sometimes.

Answer me this: What have you don’t for the people of your country?
While you ponder on that, here’s another jab at you: Wanna know the list of stuffs I have done for my country?

I gotta stop blogging.
Gonna start working.
I’m working on some projects
New projects
That’s also what I do.
I make things.
Its an obsession.
I’m obsessed in creating stuffs.
An obsession in creation.