E + Rct = Res !

That is the math of life.

E is Event
Rct which is Reaction
Res which stands for Result.

Event + Reaction = Result.

Lemme ask u a question, How do you control events?
I’m talking about events which occured in your life.
Life, deaths, accidents, economical or political mayhem, the new president, war, and the list could go on.
How do you control that?
Answer is, you cant.
God, controls that. That is life.

And how do you control Result?
How do you make sure that what ever happens in the future for you, is exactly like you wanted it to be…

You cant.
God has something to do with that.
That is life.

That’s where we can play.

WE decide what we should react from the events that happens in our life.
Our reaction, has something to do with the Result.

If we reacted slow, the results would be different than if we have reacted fast.
If the events in our life turns out that your business fails you.
How do you react?
Would you weep and decided that maybe business isnt just for you?
Or would you stand up, and start over again?
How do you react?

The Result, would reflect your reaction.

So how do you win in life?

React accordingly.
“E + Rct = Res !!! “