From here to there…

How do i get here in the first place anyway?

A lot of things happened, i forgot my way.

Right now, im at a place with no solid stepping ground.
But at least, there are some things im certain of.

I know Gamila is the one
I know that what ever happens, Katrina, Stan or Sumanto i am getting married.
OGOSOG = 06 05 06

I know i wanna be a Businessman
I want REF to be majorly succesful
I dont wanna work for people
Hangin my hopes to other people
Hangin my smiles to make ends meet

But what im not sure of is..
(And this is weird since this has been the dream of a lifetime for me)
Do i want to be an Entertainer.
Yes, im not sure of TV Hosting, MCs, Broadcasting.
I thought, i can survive not being all that.
I thought maybe its just my age
Maybe i lost it
Or, maybe not.

Gamila said that i was just exhausted with all this
Just bored
Just need to cut a slack.

I did a lot of MC jobs, probably the most of all my years
I am chasing money for my marriage. Which is not what im worried about anyway.
Im worried about getting bored.

Should i write it down?


You see, i know pressure
Hell, i’ve lived in it for years
I even make pressure
I love pressure situations

But the pressure im having from someone recently…
Fuck it man

I dont need to be getting BULLSHITS
I know all about “it”, Hell i’ve had worse than what “she” told me

She’s just a kid

I know that

Still that type of person who thinks like “Its cool to be the Big shot”

Im not gonna continue writing this…
Gonna ruin me
and my mood..

Im gonna get to work now
Im a Pro anyway

Bring It ON!