Gemini murtad…

I have a small problem…

As a Gemini, I am quite predictable.
That’s not right considering Geminis are suppose to be full of surprise.
But there aren’t much surprises in my life.

Even IF i have creativity sparks, I have to work on it.
It doesn’t come naturally.

Everything I do, is in pattern.

At every restaurant I go to, I always order the same menu.
Always sit at the same place.

At Starbucks I’d always order Signature Chocolate and if I wanted a lil taste of coffee, I’ll always go for Caramel Machiatto.

I always choose the same spot
And always take 2 tissues with me.
Always 2 tissues.

My routes when driving never changes.
My routines in a week are almost always the same.

I get creative when it comes to work.
I get creative because I have to in order to keep my job.


I really need to be impulsive.
Im starting to think im a boring person.