Get Ready For Soulnation 09

The way i see it…

You paid to go to Soulnation.

So i hafta make ur money worth.

My performance will be so valuable you wont mind paying such amount of money.

Matter of fact, i will make you think “I will pay to see him perform”

Soulnation is always special for me.

Last year, a lot of people said goodthings about my performance.

Last year, i saw people rapping to my lyrics word by word

Last year, i saw people cry while i rap “Kembali Tertawa” and “Dulu dia bukan siapa siapa”

Last year, i made a name for myself in hiphop.

This year, im back and bangin.

This year, its not just rap, its about hiphop

This year, its not just a performance, its an experience.

This year, i’ll provoke your mind and make you think

This year, i’ll make you rise and take action

This year, i’ll shock you with my surprises.

You see, i have a lotta special performances from special performers.

On my stage, you will see for the 1st time in maybe more than a decade, DENADA back on stage RAPPING.

She was the queen of hiphop.

Incase you dont remember, when MTV Asia award was held for the 1st time, she won for her RAP song “Sambutlah”

She won Asia Bagus for rapping  “Back from the dead”

Her Hit “Kujelang hari” became an anthem for a lot of people.

On mystage, she will rap.

On mystage for the very 1st time, you’ll see the performance of “iHustle” full team. With JFlow, Rayi and Kyriz.

On mystage you’ll see a collabo with Endah N Rhesa (have you ever seen a collabo like this? 🙂 )

On mystage you’ll meet a lot of special appearances


So dont be late, and dont leave to soon.

I promise you, my show will never be forgotten easily.

Get ready fot Soulnation 09 🙂


Performers on Friday:

Pesta Rap Reunion, RAN, Boogiemen, Ras Muhammad, Tangga, JFlow, Sa’i and the Funky Bunch, T Five, Rafi and the Beat, featuring Cindy Bernadette and Abdul, The TingTings, Arrested Development, Tortured Soul.

Performers on Saturday:

Maliq & D’Essentials, Indonesiaunite RISE hosted by Glenn Fredly, Joeniar Arief, NEO, Daviuz, Aditya, Batik Tribe, Bondan Prakoso and Fade 2 Black, Dira, Soulvibe,  DMC of RUNDMC, Music Soulchild, Tortured Soul.

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