Since Ramadhan 2007, life hasnt been the same.

Its like my life now has a destination, and along with it, a map and a limitless fuel

I go where i want and i do what i like

Somewhere between failure and success, i gain knowledge

The more knowledge i posses, the more it helps me form an idea and make a decision

The better the idea and decision, the better the outcome

Right now, the outcome i get, is fair.

I get praises just as much as i get criticism

Like i said, its fair.

I dont dwell on my criticism

It doesnt matter much. What you think about me, is your own intepretation which may or may not be true

What you say about me, doesnt define who i am, it is just an image that you project to other people about me. As far as we all know, your projection may be biased, distorted or even, fiction.

I am defined by the actions i take.

Im 33 now, and i have no plans of slowing down.

I have more act to take

My definition is still taking shape

Overall, i feel great.