Grown Up

If you want freedom but you dont want to be responsible, then ur not ready to grow up

If you’re not a grown up, you cant expect to have what grown ups have: Which is FREEDOM.

Grownups have the freedom of speech, because grownups back their words. They know they will have to be responsible with what ever they say

Grownups have the freedom of having things, because they understand the responsibilityof working to earn money.

Grownups have the freedom to be what ever they wanna be, coz with

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their responsibility, they will disciplined themselves to do things that sometimes they dont want to, but they HAVE to in order to achieve such dreams.

Maria Sharapova once said:

“I practice hard not because i like practicing. I practice hard because i like winning”

Truth is, sometimes, practice is boring. its exhausting. and even if you do good, so what? no one’s watching. No glory.

But even if you dont like practicing, you work hard at it because its what you HAVE to do to win.

Maria Sharapova is right.

She’s a

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grown up