To those we hate…

We’ve always hate them

We hate them before

We hate em still

And we will hate em.

We have reasons to hate em before, we will find another reason to hate em someday.

But what have we done to win anything from them?

Hating does NOT convert to winnings unless we do something about it.

Now what have we done to make sure we will win, other than expressing our hatred?

You dont win by screaming outloud telling everybody how you hate them…

Yea yea, we HATE the fact they once beat the shyt out of our officials in Karate.

Yea yea, we HATE the fact that they are trying to steal our island

Yea yea, we HATE the fact that their visit malaysia promotional materials got Pencak Silat, Batik, Angklung and stuff.

But what have we done?

Have you seen our Visit Indonesia ads? They’re UGLY.

Have you seen ou Visit Jakarta ads? They’re even more UGLY.

Have we done ANYTHING to win?

Have we done ANYTHING to win at ANYTHING?


I am NOT just talking about malaysia.

Im talking about you and those you hate.

Remember, without actions that are well thought of, you will remain a loser to those you hate.

Remember that whenever you hate someone.

Shouting, screaming, barking at those you hate doesnt make you one up on them.

It’ll piss em, but it wont make you win.

So, gather urself up.

Shut up about it.

And think.


Its time to win.