I do…

06 05 06
My wedding date
06 May 2006

I like the date
I like the idea of gettin married
I like the thought of marriage life
I love to know that i have a perfect future wife.

It is those that knows me would clearly doubt the idea of marriage comin out of my mouth
For all they know, im a selfish, scandalous, pervert that likes to flirt, and fool around with women.

Pandji? Marriage? Same sentence?
Must’ve been too much for them

But for me,

I know she’d be perfect for me

Hell, i realized that even before i cheated of her (the big bang – ed)

I just love to think that i’ll be seeing her before and after i sleep.
Knowing that she is the last thing i see in my day and the 1st thing before i start my day is trully an upside.


I love her


I do


06 05 06


that will be the day

When ” I Do” has the most meaningful meaning 🙂