I like to fight.

I fight with words.

Many times people pisses me off.

Many times I’d fight them.

But I don’t fight with fist.

Not unless I really have to

Or I really want to

See, the way I see it, there’s one thing that signifies man from animal

Its intelegence.

The use of brain.

Animal uses insticts.

Because they are unable to us their mind.

They don’t have conscience, they have no thoughts.

As so, they cant find any other way to beat its opponent other that using physical solutions.

In a way, we can say they “Fight with fists”

Human, on the other hand, have brains

We are able to think our way out.

As so, we should be able to end differences in other ways than the physical way.

When I fight, I try to beat my opponent with words.

I don’t cuss or talk trash.

Cussin is not fighting.

It’s an act of desparation.

Cussin wont beat the opponent.

It’ll only make them more pissed.

But it wont beat them.

Fighting, on my term is an activity whereas we are trying to beat the other.

Cussin wont do it.

When you fight with words you think your way to try and beat the opponent with the things you say.

You have to think.

And when you need to think, you have to be calm.

You keep you head cool.

And THAT shows intellegence.

So when you fight with words

You need to be calm,

You need to think,

You need to be smart.

Fighting with words, shows your intellegence.

Do you Fight?