i must be out of my mind…

I’m trying to understand myself

As a broadcaster, I’m an employee.

As an e-book writer, a musician, a teacher, I’m a self employed

As the owner of REF Basketball Clothing, Kolam Komik, Random Creative House, I’m also an entrepreneur.

I’m a builder. I have an obsession in making things

I’m an organizer. I organize people. I put the right person at the right position. I let them flee.

I run meetings effectively. Meetings are powerful when done right.

People who say that meeting gets in the way of working are simply workers. They’re not leaders.

I’m a communicator. I get my points across. I’m good in persuation. I’m good in presentation. I’m good at pitching.

I’m visionary. A dreamer.

I will have my own building one day that says “Menara Wongsoyudan”

People think I’m cocky
I’m not.
I just know myself and I’m not shy to acknowledge my own potential.

Its either I’m destined to be succesful, or i must be out of my mind…