“I remember…”

“I remember…”

That’s what she said. My wife that is. Referring to days when we were in Bandung.

She would say things, moments, back in the days and end the story with “I remember…”

Its funny.

I remember a lot of things that happened in the past.

I remember days when i hafta go thru 2,5 hours from my high school to my home.

Pejaten Barat to Bintaro Regency.

4 different angkots.

And still hafta walk about 3K from the drop off to my house.

I remember days when i sat on the floor of the train carrying me back and forth, Jakarta-Bandung and Bandung-Jakarta.

I remember stepping off the train smelling like old steel.

Its different now, sitting in the back of my car, strolling around the city, remembering days in the past.

I remember days when it feels like heaven being in kotakembang browsing through pirated DVDs.


Its different now, flipping DVDs at a legitimate DVD store, buying movies from my youth. Movies i cant watch or didnt have time to watch. Lookin at the back cover to find out what are the bonuses on the DVD.

I remember days, when after 4 hours of morning show i can go back to my room. Sleep 3 hours. Wake up. Go by angkot, rent DVDs, buy meals, back home. Watch it marathon.

Its different now, i had to stand by at 10.30 at the shooting studio, shoot till 18.00, go to HRFM like tonight, broadcast till 22.00, got home at 23.00 and find my son sleeping.

“Find my son sleeping”

Its different then.

I cant find someone who’d like me, let along having a son.

But back in the days, i had a dream.

I remember i woke up smiling and feeling happy.

A dream of having a son. i held him close.

I can still remember how he smells in my dream.

I hugged him with pride.

Im proud of my son.

Today, its exactly the same.

Its the same now, im proud of my son, my life, my past, and my todays.

You should be too.

Your past is not your future.

What happened to you yesterday, is behind you. Remember it. But dont trip off by it.

Your future, hasnt been decided yet.

You decide.

This is a quote from a song “DREAMS CANT BE WRONG”

Its true. Dreams cant be wrong.

When you want something so bad and you dream of it.

Its a sign of your passion. Your destiny.

But you gotta chase it.


Believe it.