I think i am very sick…

My Right Back, Whole Right Arm, My Hip, My Chest is aching

God it hurts if i think of it.

Im sweating and i dont know why

Myhead is spinning around

My stomach is, like its swollen

Its filled with gas

Its hurting me

I feel like i dont have energy even to walk

I called GAmila…

She was playing Basketball in a school there at Garut with her friends

She looks very happy

I cant tell her how sick i am right now

Last night before we parted she cried

She cried telling me how sad she is watching me sick like this

I cant make her sad

Not when she’s there and im here

Not when she and i knows that i have to go to Surabaya and Shoot a couple more episodes for CRUSHBONE. NOt when she knows i pushed my self lastnight at Hyatt on this MC Jazz thingy. I had to perform coz i signed on it.

Get back here on Monday, work as usual.

On Tuesday August 17th i’d be doing another MC job at BSM

August 22nd MC at SABUGA

August 28-29 MC at SPortakuler (on confirmation)

All that and i had turned down 3 MC Jobs.

Come to think of it..


I got lots of it…

Man i gotta write all those down on my CV.

Gonna look good one day.

HAha temporarely Pre Occupied

Now im back remembering how sick i am

and how This MOnth is gonna be a RollerCoaster