I understand now…

Its easy now to understand…

Attributes and Essentials.

I have to understand what my Essentials.

I have to know what’s important.

Rene Souhardono helped me understand.

My passion, is entertaining people.

My job, is a broadcaster, where i HAVE to read adlibs and such.

Everything that’s not mine, that is given to me, is my attribute.

Everything that’s mine is Essentials.

To make things easy, i’ll put it this way.

(I’m talking to myself, btw… )

I am right now, a presenter.

Being a presenter, is given to me by the TV station.

But if my TV station fired me, i wont stop being an entertainer.

I’ll just stop being a presenter.

But knowing i’ll always be an entertainer, helps me with go on with my life.

I can do a lot of things, and still make money for that matter, by entertaining people 🙂

I understand now…