I wish…

I wish.

I wish im Graham on The Holiday. Warm, romantic, great with words. Great kisser.

I wish im Dominic Toretto on Fast and Furious. Huge. Muscular. Knows a lot of deal about cars like most men should.

I wish im Jason Bourne on Bourne trilogy. Knows every language on earth, can kick serious ass, able to escape from every problem.

I wish im Leonidas on 300, bravest man alive, a tremendous leader, inspiring.

I wish im Ethan Hunt from Mission Impossible. Fast thinker. Fast runner. Fast lifestyle.

I wish im Charlie on The Italian Job. Witty. Thinks his way out of problems. Great planner.

I wish im Capt Steven Hiller on ID-4. Fights Alien, flies jets, flies alien space craft.

I wish im Tristan on Legends of the fall. Free. Lucky. Long lived.

I wish…