I’m still a product designer after all..

I’m not entirely sure why I’m always stuck in a position like this.

You see, I studied product design in college, but afterwards, I never designed any product.
Never work for a design firm…
Never work for a factory designing furnitures or sneakers..

Now, I’m stuck in a place that’s both familiar yet unfamiliar at the same time..

A situation where I’m struggling hard trying to pave ways for others

Like building the culture of Stand Up Comedy in a country where slapsticks are the common form of comedy

Like ressurecting Indonesian comic and especially starting up online comic publishing in a country that never buys Indonesian comics

Like trying to find a way to make money from music in an era of free downloads

Like trying to elevate the love of our country in a world where pessimists are the most common…
Like trying to make a political TV show designed for youths that has never have interest for politics.

Like trying to make youngsters understand that its better to make change than to ask for change

Like trying to start a basketball community in a football and badminton loving country

I’m always here. Starting.. Failing.. Falling.. Getting up again.. Evaluating.. Back hustlin..

I’m always building something

Maybe because I have a passion in creation

Well whaddyou know, I’m still a product designer after all..