I just watched Men Of Honors for the 3rd time on my DVD

God i loved it.

I Love those kind of movies

Men Of Honors, Radio, ALI, Jerry Maguiere, Any Given Sunday, 8 Mile, A Few Good Man, even Allen Iverson’s vidoe “The Answer”.

Each and every movie i mention above, has 1 thing in common.

They FOUGHT their way to reach the top, they once fell but never fainted. They got up and finished the game. They Succeed.

Especially Men Of HOnors, 8 Mile and ALI, they had a soundtrack that always burns me with passion and desire to win

8 Mile has LOSE YOURSELF from Eminem


and Men Of HOnors has WIN from Brian Mc Knight.

Here’s my favourite line…

“So i’ll never give up, Neve give in, Never let a ray of Doubt slip in

and if i fall, i’ll never faint. I’ll just get up and try again.

Never lose hope, never lose faith. There’s much to much at stake.

Upon myslef i must depend. Im not looking a place or show…

Im gonna Win”

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  1. udah pernah nonton Will Smith’s Pursuit of Happyness bang? a story about struggling father.i think you’ll like it too

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