Intentionally Harmful

They say, its the way we do things.
Its always about how, not always what.
Well, actually, that’s what I always say.
But somehow recently its the way I say and do that’s having a problem.

You see, with me its kinda hard.
I’m having a serious problem w/ my temper, my patience lately.
Here’s the story.

Recently, leaders around my circle bugs me.
The cause is simple, they’re on their way of making a mistake.
I know these things, because I lived through it.
Been there Done That.
I don’t mean to sound proud.
I know if they’re making a mistake.
I know if they’ll bring us problems up ahead .
They didn’t realize it, but iv’e seen it.
Yet, I can’t do anything.
Coz they’re my superior officers!
Ethically, its impossible!
I try to explain it to them.
And again.
Untill I crack.
I don’t know any other way to explain.
But Bluntly.

On one side, its good because its constructive.
On the flipside, its ridiculously mean.
Ridiculously mean.

And the worst part is,
I think more is coming …