It’s been a while

Its been a while since i wrote my last Blog

It was on October

Today is November 21st

I’ve been taking a lot of thinking

about mostly everything

I conclude

That everyday, there are a lot of things that spins my head

My work as an Asst Program Director / act. Program Director

is giving me enough problems to worry almost eveyday

Right now, it would be about Human Resource, Ratings, and mostly 2005.

My business, is not rolling as smooth as i hope

I realize i had to put more and more EFFORT into it, as well as putting more investation.

For personal matters im worry about how i manage my money

Some say, “Hey, live light a lil bit” you know “Loosen Up”

I say, “I’ve gotten too loose that things starts to slip away, and im not gonna let it”

After a long rest from all MC assignments, I started to say to myself, “Im ready for more of those MC jobs”

and POOF! (God must’ve been listening) I got 3 and possible 3 more.

So now i have to be more organize in terms of how i live my life

Some event days ago makes me realize that my family is counting on me to be their Cushion

in Financial Matters. So when they need back up, i’d be ready.

That means i have to be more responsible on my life because it also means im more able-ready to help my family.

So here i am making a vow to be more responsible, cost effective, earn more money, work more properly, maintain concentration on more things without slipping any one of ’em.

Can i make it?

I said thousands of time sentences like “I have to” or “I can make it” or even “I have no other choice”

but none of the above changes anything much


Wether i’d like to admit it or not. Im gonna have to end this blog by saying


hope its not another cliche