Just give me this, and i’ll be fine…

The world isnt perfect.

You and i, we know this.

So there will be days when everything is great.

And some other days when its just SHYT.


With me, its always simple.

Just dont make me hungry, and i’ll be fine.

Im rusty when hungry.

Im rusty when sleepy.

This is tricky because most of the time, i AM sleepy 🙂

Since 2001 i never wake up and weekdays later than 6 AM.

Most of the time, i sleep above midnight.

But on any other day, good or bad, just give me this…

… and i’ll be fine.

All i need, is ice cream, with caramel toppings.

I like caramel.


Air tebu

Sweet stuffs

I like em.


Just give me this, and i’ll be fine.