Life: Restart

If you die tomorrow,
Today, you’ll live accordingly.

I almost died last night
KM 94/400 Cipularang.
I slept while driving, crashing the car i was driving against a truck moving slow on the left track of the road.

It was a big smash.
It destroyed 1/ 4 of the car that it can no longer move
You can see the wreckeges on the road.
The hood broke in two pieces and the machine pressed inward

I survived
with the help of the life saving seat belt.

It shocked me.
Myself and my conscience.

I realized that God was comunicating to me in a way that only a higher power can do. And the accident showed how much God (so far) favors me.
Here’s why:

1: After the car crashed it pulled over to the left side road. I sighed a relief and went outside to check the result of the car i was driving and the car i crashed against. Just across the road where i crashed was a huge sign saying: ANDA LELAH? SEGERA BERISTIRAHAT DI TEMPAT PERISTIRAHATAN YANG TELAH DISIAPKAN.
Wow. Power Communications.

2: Only GOd made me survive the crash because if you see how the car smashed you’ll realize that the front wind shield should’ve smashed. The glass would’ve broke inside towards my face. But it didnt.

3. In Indonesia, if you got an accident in the high way (or whatever it is you call “jalan tol” in english) PJR (Polisi Jalan Raya) is responsible. Hence, they will have to confiscate the car and that would make me have to spend more money to pay them and still have the car confiscated by them for a time period no less that a month.
But no PJR is around (when they we’re suppose to patrole around)
What came was a Towtruck that helped me bring the car to my place in Bandung.
And guess what, the ammount of money for the fee of the Towtrucker, is exactly the ammount of money i had in my wallet: Rp 450.000,-

4. Another fact. The car (it was my girlfriend’s) was insuranced. Thank God.

There are a lot of other facts actually, yet to small to mention.
But it all made me think about the accident in a different point of view.
It made me realize God’s existence.
It made me think about life.
It made me saying” If i had died yesterday, there would be a lot of things i haven’t done or accomplish in life.

Tomorrow, i will live a new life
A better one.


My life: Restart.