” Ive been waiting to long

Sitting alone, while waiting for my chances to come

until i realize success isnt going to come unless i stand up and still

and my will is as strong…”

“I dont care what you say

Would never wanna listen to you non believers today

You always laugh at

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what i do

Im a loser you say

But i’ll reach my dream

Believe that i’ll do, come what may…”

“… And we are never alone

Together we stand, we rise and never shall fall

Inside our every heart we fight our demons and war

Close our eyes and listen while every hear ROARS

Is it too hard to believe?

Arent we all taught to never kill our own dreams?

Listen here, this is real, this is me, LIVE FREE”

ps: The part above was taken from my rap part for a song titled “THIS IS ME”

A little somthing to remind us all, never kill our dreams, have the courage to pursue.