Living OutLOud…

There’s this song that is so inspiring to me

Sung by the late great Sammy Davis Jr. something called “A lot of Living”

One part of the song says…

“You’re Alive, so Why dont you Show it?”

When you know that there are Billions of People all around the world

With such short time of Living

YOu’ll think that you might wanna pull urslef a little bit higher from the rest of the herds

The point is this. Quote says,

“You’re Alive, so Why dont you Show it?”

So if you do not SHOW yourself, how would you expect people to know your alive?

People would see and feel ur existence if they know that you’re alive.

So from this day on, show urself

Be distinctive, make people see you

There are lots of ways achieve that.

You can look different

Think Different

Act Different

Sing Different

Ball Different

Just be Different

And be comfortable with it

“You’re Alive, so Why dont you Show it?”