My life so far…

This is just an update, but guess what?

TNI Former General Wiranto is singing right in front of me…
The whole MRA company is making this so called Fund raising things.
We broadcast all the way through out the country from our all 9 radio.
Giving out interviews and live performances.
Fund Raising, or is it Fun Raising?

I guess its kinda cool
What’s not cool is people using this sad earthquake disaster as a marketing gimmick.
Its understandable, but still uncool.

So anyway, here’s an update:

1. My KENA DEH show has been amazing. It ranks on one of the top show at TV7, and it ranks no 58 on the 100 best TV show list 2005-2006.
And KENA DEH hasnt even been 26 episodes.
I think its an honour.

2. Im married, its beautiful the sight from here. From my lawfully wedded life’s point of view.
I think it’s a new life. A better one. The sight of Gamila before i end my day and at the very start of a day is my blessing. I pray everyday for a happy life and a happy marriage.
Oh, by the way… the Wedding, was gorgeous 🙂

3. I like my morning show now. I dont have burdens anymore, unlike several months ago. So its good. We still make the talk of town, people are starting to notice us even more.

4. I gain weight though im trying to reduce it. trying hard. note that.

Its near my 27th Birthday, so…
Im looking forward for it.
I believe that after my birthday, my life would be on a course to a better life.

We’ll see….