My weekend, was a perfect portrait of life…

I started my weekend with AMI on friday night

Only 15 seconds after ME had finished performing.

15 seconds after me and the gank danced like hell (coz it was fukkin boring and every musicians acted like they dont appreciate what they’re watching, so i guess we took matter to our own hands and lit up the joint)

15 seconds after the joy, comes the rain…

The news got in…

I lost AMI.

Im bummed not because i lost.

But none of the Rizky Rekordz roster won.

Im sure KungPao Chicken deserve their award.

I have no doubt.

Its just that when you we’re hoping and it didnt happen, it will leave a bitter taste in your mouth.

I woke up late and got another news.

Rully, a friend of mine reported Detroit’s Loss at the Play Off.

3-0 to Cleveland…

And after that, a bigger shocker …

My Pakde passed away…

Its always weird.

Death is for sure inevitable.

Death is certain.

You know its coming.

Perhaps you even see it coming.

To you, or to the ones you love.

Its another hard proof that not a single thing in this world last forever.

But still, why are we never ready for it?

Why do we cry, still.

I lost a huge hero of mylife.

When i heard the news, i wasnt shock, nor surprised, but i was in many ways, sad.

He gave me “normal” when “normal” was present in my family.

I had a place to go.

A place to be.

Everyday with him was always a party.

I’ve been living under him since i can remember.

Every great meal, every great dinner, everything.

Now he’s gone and i cant help but cry when i first saw him coming from the hospital.

I kissed his cheek.

I said thank you and goodbye…


I wanna cry now…

Tengah malam, gue gabung dengan geng ngerokok di luar rumah.

Di depan pager rumah gue tepatnya… Sementara yang lain ngerokok gue minum Coca Cola dingin sambil nerima SMS live report dari temen gue Fuad yang langganan AORA.

Kabar terakhir di SMS gue : HT 0-2 MU ketinggalan

Nambah duka gue.

Soalnya Liverfools sebelumnya menang dan ada dipuncak EPL.

Statistik menyatakan musim ini, setiap kali MU ketinggalan di babak ke 1 mereka akhirnya kalah.

3 kali main, 3 kali ketinggalan babak 1, 3 kali kalah.

Tapi kemudian, weekend gue berputar 180 derajat.

Satu persatu SMS membawa kabar baik

1-2 penalty ronaldo

2-2 Rooney

3-2 Ronaldo

4-2 Rooney

dan puncaknya 5-2 Berbatov



I came home hyped up, feelin great.

I woke up on Sunday, feelin good.

Kami menghadiri upacara pemakanan Pak De di Tanah Kusir yang dilakukan secara militer.

It wasnt a sad day anymore.

I feel the loss, but i wasnt mourning.

In fact, i was happy to meet family members that i havent met in years.

Terakhir belum bisa jalan, sekarang uda bawa mobil.


I went home, had a nap with the family, woke up and arranged a date with my wife.

Nonton di Blitz Megaplex MOI.

Sementara Dipo bersama Ommie, Angku dan Andungnya jalan jalan…

Para kakek dan nenek rindu sama cucunya, gue rindu berduaan istri.

Nontonlah kami ALIENS VS MONSTERS 3D!

A part from the fact that it was a funny movie, the 3D experience was quite cool.

I dont remember the last time i watched 3D.

Well, actually i do.

Wahana 4D di Ancol.

Tapi itu ga masuk itungan karena di tengah tengah tontonan filmnya di potong karena antriannya udah panjang banget.

So we came home feelin great, gak lama setelah kami sampai rumah, putra kami juga sampai…

We snuggled and played around until the night was telling us three to go to sleep.

And so we did.

When i woke up this morning, i thought about what happened in the weekend…

My weekend, was a perfect portrait of life…

You had ups, and you had downs.

In the future, its the only 2 thing that will remain constant.

Ups and downs.

Enjoy it.


Di foto PakDe

Foto ini diambil oleh PakDe di halaman belakang rumahnya…

Miss you PakDe…