Pandji, another update…

Today is December 17th.
Im in Bandung city waiting as Mila is working on some MC gig for Indosat.
Updates for me are:
1. I’ve got a deal on “Kena Deh” reality show aired at TV 7 on januari. Its a prime time slot 🙂
The price i had for it is more than i expected. From it, plus the money i saved so far would make me achieve my marriage savings target. Even exceed it.
a huge number that had made me nervous previously.
All i gotta do now, is work as it is today to raise my savings even more.
Who knows, i could be goin HoneyMoon to Hongkong 🙂

2. My GMHR morning show as never been this hot before. My concept on “I do. I dont” gets an upgrade from my producer Wynda creating a monstrous show that none of us ever expected.
It shocked even ourselves. We got Buzz everywhere.

3. My business is rolling slowly but sure, sales are still unstable though profit are increasing by the month. Stil having problems on Promotions, Sales, Products, etc. Still a lot to learn.

4. Mila said that 2006 is going to be my year.

5. I think so too 🙂