Pandji: Up Dated


Its been a while since my last Blog.
May 2005 and back then Friendster havent launch their Blof features yet.
Nowadays everytime i checked my e mail eeeeeeeverybody is updating their own blogs.. dasar goblogs

On June i left my position as a Program Director in Bandung.
To chase my dream to be an Entertainer and an Entrepreneur.
Im Broadcasting at Hard Rock FM jakarta, PrimeTime, Good Morning Hardrockers.
Chasing opportunities at Television, im now hosting DEM-O at O Channel, and playing parts at NGELENONG NYO! at TRANS TV

Im working, thinking in everypossible way for my business REF BASKETBALL CLOTHING
My Dream Come True.

For updates, im now on a diet, im slightly overweight.
Im straight now with Gamila after turmoils recently.
Now i know better
and even better

Im gettin Married on April 2006


After that, It’ll be Mr and Mrs Wongsoyudo 🙂

I like how that sounds…