Picture Imperfect

Weakness of the Heart is the only thing in our way to reach perfection.

Such Greatness echoes of one self,

Such Tragedy dwells from one small error.

Michael Jordan, one of the most known, populer, well respectful athlete of all time.

Has weakness in so many aspects, he craves in gambling. Talks Trash of his own friend. Once he yells at his teammate telling that they are a bunch of loser. So many of his sins are left unspoken. The press are too afraid.

The world loves him so much that they would never want to hear bad things about their hero.

Magic Johnson, despite of the HIV he caries, he too has dark moments in his career.

Once he screams in rage inside the locker room in front of his teammate only because he disagree with his coach’s way. Telling people how he didnt want to play anymore for his team, the management decided to kick out the coach just to make Magic stay.

Every game after, his own crowd, the people of Los Angeles booed him

Luckly, Magic has the Heart of a Champion.

or he wanted to prove himself worthy. Either way, that very season Magic won them the NBA title.

So many people fell from their grace merely from weaknesses that’re so small

So humane.

“The Ability to repress oneself is the most vital skill of Mankind, It keeps us safe from Insanity”