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 She said..

“When ur home, you either sleep, or work…”

I said…

“At least im home… i aint somewhere hangin around with a bunch of friends, i aint drinking beer trying to stall time going home, i aint browsing somewhere with their free wifi when i know i should be home, i aint in some hotel sleeping with some chick…”

Well, actually, i only said “At least im home…”

But my mind was saying all that…

Its not entirely true, im not always sleeping and working when im home.

I spent time with my wife and son.

But i guess its just not enough.

And it’ll never be enough.

I use to have ex girlfriends cry when i leave her.

At first i just thought it was her period or something.

And then i thought well maybe something bad might happen if i leave her.

But then they say “You never spend enough time with me”

Funny, that’s what my friends said too.

It’ll never be enough.

But at least im here…

Im here aint i?

Which is worse?

Working at home


Working somewhere else?

Home is home.

Where you’re suppose to rest and hang with your loveones.

Elsewhere? Well you can do whatever you wanna do elsewhere.

But i dont wanna be elsewhere.

If all my things are done, i just wanna go home.

I wanna see my family.

I wanna be near them.

But i still have to work.

I gotta write songs, make demos, plan marketing for my album.

When I write songs I gotta really focus and let every inch of me in.


I gotta work for REF Basketball Clothing.


I gotta make this facebook page thing.


I gotta tag people so others would notice.


I gotta promote it.


We got great products I gotta let people know.


I got others doing other things so I gotta do my thing.

I gotta make our performance better.

I gotta figure out of how to lead us through.

I gotta keep on writing my blog because my blog represents everything I am.

It’s the biggest media I have right now.

Its only 5000-ish visitor a month but it’s the only media I really own.

I gotta work on it.


I gotta work on my book.

I gotta plan the promotion.

I gotta know how to market it.


I gotta read.

Books are very important to me.

I am the person I am today because I read.

I have a constant thirst for answers.

I have a constant need for knowledge.

Books inspires me.

It keep my head spinning.

My brain working.

It keeps me moving.

I need to move

I cant stop.

I need to read books.


I need to think.

I need to stop and think.

I need to plan.

I need to visualize.

What differentiate succesful people and others are their uncanny ability to be visionaire.

You need big imagination and the courage to even dream that big.

Some losers never had the guts to dream high, they afraid to fall.

They are afraid of failure.

Im no loser.


But to do all that I need to have my time.



When you work from 6-10 in the morning and then go straight shooting some TV program from 11 – 18 or even 20 when ur lucky .. when you work non stop the only stop you had was lunch…

When you do that every single day in every single week of every single month…


When would you have the time to do all the things I said I need to do?


After all that is done, right?


Now where else should I have that time?


At a coffee shop?



When I know my wife and son is waiting?


I just want to go home.



I just want to go home.

But when I go home…

She said…


“When ur home, you either sleep, or work…”


I said…


“At least im home…”



“At least im home…”