PRESSPLAY by Larry feat Pandji

Ini adalah single-nya Larry aka Lawrence Aswin aka DJ Larry

Dia ngajak gue kerjasama untuk lagu ini

The 1st verse is probably one of the funniest line i ever wrote

The 2nd verse would probably be one of the most witty one

But the highlite of this track is really the great beat from Larry

Enjoy this one

Disclaimer: It might be too edgy for you. If its not, well then the song is really for people like you 🙂


Banyak yg nanyain liriknya, ini dia 🙂


I know i aint Superman, though i wish so i know i aint mr clark kent

I cant split my thoughts, everytime i try, somethin i forgot

Sometimes i think im hot. But everytime im naked i think “Man, im not”

Baby im a jerk, but take me to ur bed, im a freak of twork

Hold on, whats ur name again? Keep it to yourself, let me kiss again

If i cant refrain, keep on going baby i’ll remember then

Baby dont be shy, i used to have hard times counting to five

Wait a sec, werent we having sex? So why was i talkin come one get back here and press play




Man hit the breaks, i forgot where im going why we at the lakes?

Whats my dream again? I can remember back in the days when..

Me and some of my friends, use to hang dreams high as we can

Then the days go by with each passing day a dream would then die

Should i swallow it?

Continue with my life, and live a forfeit?

Dont wanna see it burned, so back to the lab man i shall return

Time to focus back. Let me build my dream back brick by brick stack

I need to be inspired, so let me kick it and grab the remote and press play