Pressure is…

Pressure is Exhausting

Pressure is Threatening

Pressure is Deliberating

Pressure is Adrenalin Pumping

Pressure is Self Strengthening

Pressure is Imprisoning

Pressure is Self Absorbing

Pressure is Self Building

Pressure is Deadly


“Anything that Doesnt Kills you, Makes you Stronger”

a common quote from a lot of books and a lot of movie.

The quote even can be found on The Big Hit DragonBall Comic Book.

So now we know that what ever hits you hard, so hard that it hurts so bad

That it feels like something you cant bare.

That the pain is indescribable

That you feel ike you’d die

But of Course, you didnt. You wont.

You survive, You live on, You exceed.

So at the end of it. You grew Stronger.

Remember that.

Put that in mind, whenever something bad happens…

“Anything that Doesnt Kills you, Makes you Stronger”

There for

Pressure is a Bless 🙂