Questions to ask…



But dont you think the sentence is incomplete?

It should be:


Dont you think?

Should we trade fast service for good food?
OR should we choose fast service for a generic tasted burger instead?

A man in Indian (native american) costume was promoting his album at MKG 3
He sang kenny g songs, my hear will gogon, and other big mellow ballad hits using his traditional indian flute.

If he sings pop songs with indian flute, wouldnt he be selling the flute instead of the culture?

Its just like any other musician palying cover version.

If he is just playing pop songs with indian flute

Why is he wearing traditional indian costume?

Why do people blame China and Indonesia as the source of pirated DVDs?
Every pirated DVD buyers knows, that when we watch pirated DVDs there’s a running text saying “FOR SCREENING PURPOSE ONLY. NOT FOR SALE” or “JURY MATERIALS ONLY. NOT FOR SALE”

That means, people working to rate movies and jury for Oscars took the material they have and gave it to someone else to copy (if not by himself)

Dont you think that the biggest pirates are really americans?

And why do people act like americans dont buy fake products?
Do you know that in New York at Canal Street there are markets for fake prada, gucci, LV, etc?

Do you even know that when you purchase a fake item at canal street you have to pay an extra 8% tax?
It’s New york city sales tax!

Dont you think that the New York city administration is feeding from fake products?

Why does Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea and especially Manchester United fail to go at least to FA cup finals?
Why all four leaders of EPL fail?

Why do people in Indonesia never trusts it’s president after 1 year im position?

Why did a lot of people hailed SBY and even chose him to be president and then disappeared from supporting him?

Why does the press thinks that big changes can happen in 100 days in position?

Havent they led anything in life?

Havent they read the mega selling book “FROM GOOD TO GREAT” by Jim Collins that stated “THERE IS NO MAGIC MOMENT IN EVERY SUCCESS”

Why do people still think demonstration is the best way to show our expression?

Why do people seem to think that Indonesian Hiphop is a form of guilty pleasure?

Why motorcycles are still able to fly free at the fast lane?
Where are the police officers?
WHy do the police think they can have laws obeyed without consistency in making sure the law is obeyed?

Do you understand my previous question?

Do you think i should write a book?