Ratings are…

“Newsroom” is a TV series on HBO about news TV people fighting sensasion-based rating & giving the audience a show based on real journalism, on integrity, on making the best show they can present.
The series got canceled after the 3rd season for rating reasons.

That’s how fucked up ratings are.


5 thoughts on “Ratings are…”

  1. Sayang skali, padahal ini serial HBO fav gw.

    Dari adegan awalnya aj gw udh jatuh cinta, dimana Will si Anchorman ditanya “What makes America the greatest country in the world?” 🙂

    Ide crita yg bagus, dialog2nya tajam dan cerdas. Banyak quote dr serial ini yg gw suka.

    Yg paling utama adalah kata2 Will McAvoy : “News is only useful in the context of humanity.”

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