Reasons to be Stressed

Let me see

What are the reasons that makes me having constant stress everyday

1st, there’s this Difficult employee. He doesnt have any idea of what his work is all about. He kept on making the same mistakes. Worst part is, he doesnt realize his own mistakes!

2nd, there’s this Stubborn employee. One of em, is the same employee mentioned above. If you tell em “A”, they’ll keep on comin back to you like a fuckin Energizer Bunny saying “B”. Its silly because they’re saying that as if they know better.

3rd, there’s this gear that just wont work right. A company is a machine, it works if all the gear works together in the same motion. This 1 particular gear is not moving right. It gives me the ultimate stress. Its like i want to run free but this gear just wouldnt co operate. Im seeing my dreams running away further and further.

4th there’s this thing that just wouldnt stop. Something big that kept on going. Its like a big time bulley, giving a serious pain in the ass. A badnews in the flesh.

Why do i always have bad news to write in this Blog


Why am i making questions when the answer is obviously has to come out from me.