Rebel Without a Cause…

… is a title from a Movie featured James Dean.

Everybody has a Rebel within.

Heck, we even need to be Rebellious from time to time.

Rebel is very human. Rebel is necesseties.

Imagine how many people are there in the world

How many Nations

How many Governments

Imagine how many Culture

How many habits

How many social life

Imagine how many Rules

How Many Regulations

How Many Law

Law and Regulations are made for a sole purpose.

To push forward the needs of others.

To put the People ahead of all individuals

Now Imagine you. Alone standing in this world

Full of other people

and Full of Laws and Regulations

It’s stressfull

Because Forever we are forced to put other people needs ahead of us

Forever we have to think that others are more important than us

Forever we will think less of ourselves

That is why, there are times when we should put ourselves ahead of others

Have care for ourselves

Think of ourselves then think about the rest

Find out what we need for ourselves


Even though in order to do so, we have to break rules

Break culture

be Rebellious

Details more to come …