Belakangan ini banyak orang yang ngetag gue di note mereka tentang 25 random things about me.

Sebelum trendnya masuk facebook terlebih dahulu trend ini bersirkulasi di multiply…

Biasanya ada tulisan kalau yang di tag harus nulis 25 random things juga dan tag orang orang lain…

Berhubung makin banyak yang ngetag gue dengan harapan mereka juga jadi tau 25 random things about me, akhirnya gue tulis juga…

But i gave it a little twist.

Enjoy this beautiful useless facts


  1. When you’re married to me, i leave you 5.30 everymorning. Sometimes, most of the times i come home late. So im guessing when you’re married to me, it means you’re married to a very sleepy man.
  2. If you’re still sleeping when i leave you in the morning, most likely i’ll kiss your cheek and feet. Even when we fought the night before, i’d still kiss you in the morning. I like the warmth of your skin when sleeping
  3. When ur married to me, most likely you’ll see me walkin around naked in our room. I may not guarantee you its a beautiful sight all over, but im pretty sure you like the sight of my behind.
  4. Im always grumpy when im hungry, sleepy, and when i feel like i have to shyt.
  5. When ur married to me, i like to give you surprises. Im guessing around 65% out of 365 days a year i come home with it. Around 80% of those surprises are meal. From ice cream, to chocolate bars to whopper. So im guessing when ur married to me, you’ll gain weight.
  6. When ur married to me, i will complain if you lose weight too much. I dont like skinny women. Curves turn me on. An exception if ur skinny but full of life.
  7. When ur married to me, i always ask a lot of questions. The most frequently asked question would be “Do i make you proud?”
  8. I like to ask you for a discussion. When ur married to me, i want you to help me think better. Thats why if we’re married, you must be a very smart lady.
  9. When ur married to me, you will see 100% person of me. In front of public i can only reveal the better half of me. If the evil twin comes out, it would give me a bad rep. So when we meet, you’ll see the darker me. But if i cant be myself in front of the woman i love, where else?
  10. When ur married to me, i will push you to your limit. I want you to pursue your dream. You must have a life. I will not only support you, i will push you. I will be hard on you.
  11. When ur married to me, you will have to understand when you see my cry for absurd things. The last time i cried like hell was when my Calvin and Hobbes collection was soaked from the flood, and when i miss my old car Charlie Brown…
  12. I also like to buy things you might consider junk. I occasionally buy old magazines, old books, etched stones and hanoman wayangs…
  13. When ur married to me i will want you to dress up when having sex. I would like to strip you. I dont want you to be naked already.. That aint fun.
  14. When we’re married, i’d ask you to creep out while our child is sleeping or having his dinner… sometimes, when married, couples focused heavily and being parent, and they forgot that they are actually still couples. Couples that still have to maintain their relationship.. Some people think im weird, but when you’re married to me, dating will still go.
  15. When we’re married i would never want you to show in front of public if we are having a fight. People dont have to know. So i guess when you’re married to me, you have to be a great actress.
  16. When you’re married to me, dont be alarmed if you see me talkin to myself. When i think, i mumble.
  17. When ur married to me, you’ll see that im not as fat as the rumors you’ve heard. Even i sometimes say im fat but when you see me naked you’ll just find me … big.
  18. And when i say big, i dont mean the size of my penis. When ur married to me, you will say, size dont matter. You will say it, while running out of breath.
  19. When we fight, sometimes i just want to win over it. When i cant get you to understand me, or i cant understand you, i will flip out and most probably hurt myself with my fist to my face. Coz i dont want to hurt you.
  20. When ur married to me, you will have to understand, that i have a very candid life. People know everything about me. Get used to it.
  21. When ur married to me, you will see me working late night and ask “Why do you still work at home?” and i will answer “At least im home…”
  22. When ur married to me, you’ll realize that i pee and fart a lot.
  23. When ur married to me, you must be a great masseuse (how do you spell that really?) coz i really really love a good massage.
  24. When we have sex, I dont care who started it. Just make sure we end it.
  25. When ur married to me, you have an incredibly tough task. You are my inspiration. Without you there’s no me.
  26. When ur married to me, you will hear a lot of stories from my highschool years and my college years. I love those days.
  27. When ur married to me, you represent me. You’ll feel that pressure of looking and acting good all the time, you’ll realize , my name is on the line.
  28. When ur married to me, you will worry intensely on my health. I have high blood pressure, cholesterol, and i crashed twice coz i slept while driving. I crashed big time, im lucky to be alive, twice.
  29. When ur married to me, i like to hug you, cuddle you, snuggle my nose to you, and treat you like ur an 8 year old girl… but it doesnt make me a pedophile. I just like to play cute with you.
  30. When ur married to me, dont separate me from my games on TV. IBL, NBA and EPL. Garuda Bandung, Detroit Pistons, Manchester United and of course timnas.
  31. The key to loving me is: Give me great food, give me time to have great rest, give me space to work my passion, give me ur wild side in bed and give me my me time. I will love you like a queen.
  32. When we’re married, its because im quite sure you are a character out of a cartoon show from Playhouse Disney. My wife, is a combination of all the Eramientas from Handy Manny. I love it when she’s acting up like Turner.
  33. When ur married to me, make me breakfast. You may sleep when i go to work in the morning, but you hafta make sure i have my breakfast to go. Its important. It has something to do with point number 4.
  34. And while we’re in this subject, never give me the same breakfast 2 days in a row. I might end up buying Mc Donalds.