The 3rd Home

I am that kind of people

The kind of people who’d have 3rd home

Its actually a phillosophy owned by Starbucks

1st home would be the place you live in. Your Real home

2nd would be the place you got to work to. Your Office

3rd is somewhere in between

Usually Coffee Shops or Cafes

Yesterday at 18.00 i have 3 Huge things in mind

I hafta find the solution Fast

But im SICK of being at my desk. Watching the same thing, sitting at the same chair.

Having the same atmosphere.

But home is a place to have sleep.

Quality Rest

So yesterday i went to the Mall. Have dinner, and buy more coke and cheesburger added with shake fries, and find the most remote place with a gerat view and with less people wandering around

So i found the spot above the Ice Rink.

Sat there alone and on 1 hour i have found solutions for 2 of my problems.

2 out of 3 is enuff.

Im quite satisfied


i’ll go back someday

to my 3rd home

it could be a Foodcourt, a Cafe, a Coffee shop…