The Need to be Alone and to Stay that way…

I bet it’s great to be Adam.

He wonders alone, needs not to talk to people.

and fake sayings in order to maintain others feeling.

Coz sometimes we say things we didnt mean to.

Suddenly mistakes are taken seriously buy people.

Even if he needs to talk, he’d talk to the sky, leaves, himself and maybe to God

I bet his closeness to God is unmatched by anybody.

He didnt have divergens like Friendster, TV’s, Box Office Movies, Worldwide Franchisers, woman, women, more women, Ragnarok, Rock N Roll, etc.

Its only him and God.

I bet it’s great to be Adam.

He can be alone and not having worries about others who are offended by his solitude

He can be alone and not getting the word “Introvert”

He doesnt lie, doesnt fake, for it has no needs

The Need to be alone is neglected by people

Nowadays, there are no Privacy

Mankind doesnt want privacy!

Imagine that

They open all access towards them

Some might think im one of those kind

That’s why at times i need to be alone they wondered why…

I like being alone. I like to have this page all by myself

I’ve been displaying all the skeletons in my closet there are times i need to have secrets

If you’re reading this.

Youre not wanted.

I bet it’s great for Adam to have Eve.

He has the Whole World to share

Split in 2

No more

They can spill conversations from dawn, morning, noon, afternoon, midnight, dusk, dawn…

They dont have to hide feelings and fake only to make other people feel good

So they wont be pissed off from Adam and Eve’s Public Display of Affection

Of course it wouldnt be public anymore since there are only Adam and Eve.

No need for time

Time’s pressence is formality