The Two Faces of Gemini…

I dont BELIEVE in astrologies, but i AGREE with some point that’s mentioned by it

Astrology says that a Gemini has two faces. This i agree.

Lets put it this way, how Geminis react to things are so unpredictable.

BUT you can never give verdict that Geminis are predictably unpredictable too.

Really, its hard to explain but you can mirror this statement with ur GEmini friends.

My case, is quite interesting

I look at my life

Sometimes i can say “Gosh, what a Shithole”

Sometimes i can be so negative with things and feel so low.

Felt burden 1o stories high

I mean just check out this blog!

It’s looks like Batman with his Dark Aura wrote all this down.

BUT, Geminis has two faces

I look at my life, AND my blog

i am very very proud.

No, really, im very very proud.

Find a man my age who has to went through all i did.

and still having spaces to have fun,

and still having someone to love.

When you find them, you’ll see that those men are on the beginning phase of success.

Because most succesful men went through all this when they were young.

I dont belive in cheap success

Even if someone got cheap success, cheap mistakes will be coming their way.

Can you say “Adiguna Sutowo?”

Son of a Business mogul Ibnu Sutowo?

No need to explain any further

So lookin at my life, im very proud because this is the life i wanted.

This is what i envisioned.

My other face of Gemini is saying “Bring it on” to all the problems stormin my way.

Look around, there are a lot of people in the world ignites when pressure is on

Im a pressure player

Pressure makes diamond and i always wanna shine at the right time.

I always wanna take the shot at crunch time.

You see, in basketball when ur leading and seconds are closing in, anybody will take that last shot.

But when the game is tied, or you’re down a couple of points.

You really seperate the Men from the Boys.

That basketball game attitude effected my life.

I like Pressure just like i like problems

I’ll frown and look like im down

But i know im enjoying every second of it.

“What doesnt kills you makes you stronger”