The wonders of life, and death…

Couple of days a go, a friend of mine juts lost his dad

When i arrived at his house to mourn i met the guys from University

i concure,

“Someone’s Death is Someone elses Reunion”

Gamila said “Death is the cheapest form of Reunion”

Ginting said “Death is an event that could form a commitee in the fastest way”

You see, there’s life in death after all.

My friend’s house became warm with reminiscing our past

Laughters blew and quickly became the warmth needed by the cold mourned home.

Some are still the same, some changed. MOstly on the physical part

The guys met me and said, “Fat Mutherfucker!”


We still have the same stories, same jokes, same mocks

In a brief episode of such reunion i had it all

Happy, Sad, even Mad. I lil insulted but that’s just the way we are

If i showed changes i had in me they wouldnt accept it.

Not right away anways

But it’s cool

I changed and i think they saw it a lil in me…

“Someone’s Death is Someone elses Reunion”

Well, i just hope i dont have to see someone else died to get another reunion