There will never be a fourth time…

Above all, i blame myself.

I wont blame Fauzi Bowo

I wont blame Summarecon.

I blame myself for letting this happen to my family. again.

I have everything i need to have a new home.

Everything except the discipline to find it.

I didnt make time for it.

Had so little concentration on it.

When Steny only needed 4 months for him from browing on to actually owning his own house.

The aftermath of such mistake is unbareable.

When the flood came rushing in 2007 nobody was prepared.

It was devastating.

I was shocked.

I NEVER believed anybody who said it was a 5 year cycle.

That is the silliest BULLSHIT i have ever heard.

After that sad moment, my wife who lived in Kelapa Gading almost all her life claimed that it wouldnt happen again.

She said, “Of course Summarecon would do something about it”

But apparently they didnt

Or maybe they did, but whatever they did, never helped when in 2008 flood came rushing in.

To make it more ironic, it happened on the same day, same date.


February 1st.

Weird huh?

Dont ask me.

You go check on ur calender for yourself.

I almost died coz some bigfoot sized asshole tried to drown me.

I said to myself “This wont happen again”

But to my very own disappointment, it did.

This time, we didnt have time to prepare.

It hit us, 2 AM when everybody was sleeping.

I got back home from TPI for my show KONTES DE PARPOL at 1 AM.

I sleep at 2 AM.

I woke up at 3 AM coz my sister in law woke me up, alarming the flood.

When i looked downstairs, it was already wet allover.

I told everybody stop rushing stuffs upstairs, just pack and we’re leaving.

But apparently we were too late.

I drove like blind cow, everywhere we go, the flood was to high.

I couldnt go thru Boulevard. Any boulevard.

Every boulevard was blocked by high flood.

Too high even for my car.

Everywhere we go we see all this dead vehicle in the middle of the flood.

When we we’re trying to bust out from our home, we went thru the flood on Al Azhar Kelapa Gading.

It was the worst, by far, worst flood we had to go through.

My car almost died …

So many times it stalled.

I got panic.

I told God i want my family out of Kelapa Gading TODAY.

But my car stalled in the middle of the flood.

It shooked like an airplane going thru a storm.

My wife prayed Ayat Kursi almost whispering.

My son…

My son felt our stress.

He cried.

It immediately brought more stress.

My wife saw my concern.

She told me to pull over.

She told me never think of going back.

She said going back is a no.

She said i have to believe.

She said i have to lead.

She helped me get thru it.

And after all the driving around we finally rest at a Mosque just near MKG3.

It was safe there.

Everybody slept.

Everybody was weary.

And it was only 5 AM …

After shalat, i looked up, the sky still had dark smoke from Plumpang.

Its like being in Palestina.

Being at a mosque with a refugee-like feeling looking at dark high smoke from a distance…

Suddenly i hated Barack Obama.

I remember him saying “I am a full supporter of Israel. I will support Israel.”

Also ironic.. its T-1 day to his inauguration.

We’ll see what happens next.

So far, Washington and Cairo helped made Israel leave Palestina.

So far..

So far.. we’re still stucked at Kelapa gading.

A phone call from my mother-in-law’s friend.

They offered us to stay at their home, which is at the rear of Kelapa Gading.

Gading Grande.

Its safe there.

So we went there.

Slept all day like Jason Mraz coz we’re so tired physically and mentally.

In the afternoon we heard that the water is lower than it was in the morning.

So we rushed back to get more of our stuffs.

Before it rains again.

We got like, 5 days of clothing, pampers, everything.

We got back to Gading Grande, and leave for Mampang.

Another of my mother’s friend offered their house for us to stay in.

Which was more safer for us.

And a lot easier for everybody to continue their activity.

So at 23.30, there i was, changing my clothes to a more comfy one to sleep in.

While my son, and wife watched Elmo on my laptop.

I got my family out before the day ends.

I guess we’ll be staying there for a while.

I dont know till when

All i know..

I wont let this happen again… again.

I promise.

There will never be a fourth time.


Though i wont blame Fauzi Bowo and Summarecon, i would still like to say