Today, I Stand Proud.

Today I am Proud of who i am

What i’ve been through and what i could still reign

I am proud of my achievements

Proud of my way of solving problems and overclimbing mountains

Leap Through Obstacles whether it is small or ice brink high

I am young

I have every reason to be Proud of myself like everybody should feel good of themselves

I am proud of everything i have and i owned

I even am proud of my flaws and flops

I am Proud of my Persona and Personality

Proud of my way of Thinking

My sometimes controversial idea

ALways proud of my life

The path i took

Proud of my Friends

Proud of my Victories in the past and my losses

Proud of the footsteps i left behind

Proud because it made me who i am today

and today

Today, I Stand Proud


I am Pandji Pragiwaksono Wongsoyudo.

And nothing feels greater than that!