Truth Hurts?

The Truth hurts and also confusing at the same time
Take example.
Mark Cuban, a business mogul known for his outspoken attitude and also his success in making the most impressive turnaround in an NBA team (Dallas Maverick)
Kenny Smith and Charles Barkley, both ex NBA players turn NBA TNT host.
Kenny is known for his play critics
Charles, is known for his.. well, mouth
Like the commercial said “He retired his MOuthpiece, Not his MOuth”

All 3 of em is the talk of town by the way they front eachothers by the truth they spoke and also because of the truth they spoke.
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The way i see it, Truth is meant to be good
But unfortunately, others sometimes cant handle the truth
Why? Because thru their eyes, The Truth is inacceptable
Sometimes truth hurts

Now here’s the dilemma. If you are about to say something which is certainly made out to be the truth BUT fact is it might hurt people, would you spit it anyway?
What if the truth might lead to a family problem, or company’s loss, or even war.
Would you keep it?
Would it mean you’re lying?